CCP’s Golden Jubilee

Dr Nanda Amarasekara


President CCP 1997

CCP's Golden Jubilee

Physician, referred to as the finest flower of civilisation.

His service to humanity is much valued and appreciated.

Following in the footsteps of physicians of the British nation

Ceylon, as was then known, to western medicine, was initiated.

Our seniors learning the practice from the West

Some displayed skills and knowledge second to none

Though lacking in resources to give of their best

They performed well, not to be out done.

On establishment of seats of higher learning

Many were keen to pursue the art of healing.

Having graduated MBBS, their desires now burning

Ventured to Britain where work and study were appealing.

Qualified PGs’ with skills and knowledge attained

Returned to serve motherland eager and keen

To the locals imparting knowledge recently gained

They laid the groundwork-a task no mean.

Keeping in mind the future of the profession

To produce specialists for our own need

Maintaining with British isles cordial relations

For PG education they gave the lead.

From initial hesitant steps to solid ground

CCP supported the PGIM fulfilling its role

With passage of time laying a foundation sound

CCP with determination reached the goal.

Finding trainee slots in the UK in units of repute

Working with British institutions through leaders astute

The CCP strengthened ties for benefits mutual

Serving the NHS and in return gaining experience invaluable.

Besides disciplined training and assessment

In whatever unit or position is his placement

Rendering whatever service as a member of a team

Earns well deserved respect and colleagues’ esteem.

We see now the fruits of CCP’s labours

Earning admiration of even our neighbours

The budding physicians of future generation

Will look upon CCP’s forefathers with veneration.