Dear Fellows, Members, and Guests,
Established in 1967, the Ceylon College of Physicians (CCP) is the oldest medical speciality College in Sri Lanka. The College brings together specialist physicians in general medicine and other related specialties, from academia, the state sector, and the private sector. This diversity of membership is the strength of the College and allows us to capture and represent the ideas, concerns, and expectations of physicians in the country. Our prime role as is to advance the competencies and practices of our colleagues in the field of medicine, both physicians and physician trainees. We also foster and support research in the field of medicine, and support postgraduate training. Giving academic and clinical leadership to physicians in Sri Lanka, the College plays an important role in advocacy and health policy development, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the quality of patient care.

Professor Senaka Rajapakse

Consultant Physician
Director – Postgraduate Institute of Medicine (PGIM)
Senior Professor – Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo