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CCP Speciality Days

Speciality Day: Do's and don'ts workshop

November 1, 2020

"Do's and Don'ts of Presenting"

Presentation Skills Workshop

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Past Sessions:

Specialty day on critical care medicine:19th July 2020

Mean arterial pressure: What is the target?
CVP : What does CVP tell us?
Albumin : When to use in critically ill?
Early warning score : What is new in EWS?
Should we intubate all at the end?

Speciaty day on infectious diseases: 16th August 2020
Covid 19" Expeiance at the focal point
The critically ill pneumonia patient
Public health and infectious disease
The meningococcus is here
What's new in Leptospirosis?
Human brucellosis

Speciaty day on Maternal Medicine: 18th October 2020
Predicting Pre eclampsia : Dr Carmaline Motha (Cons. Physician, University of Kelaniya)
Dermatoses of Pregnancy : Dr Chalukya Gunasekara (Cons. Dermatologist, NHSL)
Pitfalls of Dengue Hemorrhagic fever in Pregnancy : Dr Priyankara Jayawardana (Cons. Physician, DMH)
Thrombotic and Thromboembolic disorders in pregnancy : Dr Lalindra Gooneratne
A Pregnant mother with headache : Dr Kishara Gooneratne (Cons. Neurologist, DGH Hambantota.)
Valvular Heart Disease in Pregnancy : Dr Chandrike Ponnamperuma (Cons. Cardiologist, NHSL)

Webinar on DOs and DON'Ts of presenting: 1st November 2020
Getting your message through effectively : Mr Niranjan de Silva. (Specialist in Communication)
How to make a scientific presentation : by Prof Senaka Rajapakse. (Director PGIM)
How to make an effective PowerPoint presentation : Dr Pandula Siribaddana (Senior Lecturer in Medical Education, PGIM)